Earn Out of District Points

How can I earn inservice points for workshops, conferences, or professional development not provided by our district? Click on the links below to view helpful resources.

Professional Development Standards

The Florida Standards for Professional Development are a set of standards that describe the characteristic and components of quality professional development at the educator, school and district levels. They are aligned with the National Staff Development Standards and serve as a guide for professional development in our district. To learn more about the 65 standards and how this system is used to evaluate our district’s professional development system visit Teach In Florida.

Professional Development System

The purpose of the professional development system is to increase student achievement, enhance classroom instructional strategies that promote rigor and relevance throughout the curriculum, and prepare students for continuing education and the workforce. Read about our professional development system in St. Lucie County and how it aligns to the requirements of the state statue.

Learning Communities

How is your school like a learning community?  If educators are coming together on a regular basis (at least weekly) for the purpose of improving teaching and learning, then your school, grade or department might be a learning community.  In a learning community the learning is driven by specific goals or targets that are based on student needs.  All members are clear about the purpose of their time together and share accountability for learning and student success.  The learning of the community is always transferred into action, and time is spent examining evidence that what they are learning and implementing is having an impact on student achievement.  The illustration above shows the many ways in which a learning community learns.


Master Inservice Plan

Pursuant to Sections 101.22(1)(i) and 1011.62, F.S., each district school board shall develop and maintain a master inservice plan for all district employees based on state adopted standards for high quality professional development. The master inservice plan is updated annually by September 1 and approved by the district school board. The plan includes all professional development components for all employees from all funds sources. Review our district’s master inservice plan.