To register for school bus service, please complete the following steps:

  1. Review the Safe Walking and Biking Journey interactive pedestrian safety awareness program with your child.
  2. Review the Tips for Parents (which includes the Florida Statute regarding responsibility of St. Lucie Public Schools and parents/guardians for students who are transported at public expense).
  3. Review Questions and Answers About Daycare (if applicable).
  4. If not already registered, please register your child as a school bus rider.
  5. Find your bus route.

All bus stop information is subject to change and is updated daily to show current, bus routes, bus stops, and stop times. Please check for changes frequently.

If your child must cross a major traffic artery to walk to school, please contact School Transportation at (772) 340-7120 for crossing guard locations or hazardous area bus stop locations.

Bus Rules

Reporting Unsafe Bus Stop Behavior

The safety of our children is the number one priority of the SLPS Transportation Department. Today’s children contend with morning rush hour traffic, few sidewalks, and motorists with their minds elsewhere and their phones in their hands. Parents are the frontline protectors of their children.

Parents are encouraged to walk with or transport their children to and from bus stops.

Parents must ensure that their children arrive at the bus stop in the morning at least ten minutes prior to pick up time.

Parents are responsible for their children’s safety and well-being on the way to and from the bus stops and while at the bus stops.

Parents are responsible for the proper conduct of their children on the way and from and while at the bus stops.

Parents are responsible for the conduct of their children, along with district personnel while the children are aboard the bus.

Parents are expected to cooperate with district personnel regarding the safe and effective transport of their children.

Parents are encouraged to contact the school or the transportation department when they observe unsafe conditions.

Every child should have a responsible parent or designated adult to supervise bus stop safety.

When parents are negligent in this area, the Transportation Department depends on the community and its citizens to report safety concerns such as:

Playing or sitting in the street
Misbehavior or vandalism
Causing neighborhood disturbances
New construction beginning in the area of the stop
Unsafe drivers in the area of the stop
Illicit or illegal activities
Unattached adults lingering near the area of the stop
Any concern related to the safety of students
Citizens may contact the appropriate law enforcement agency if a crime is being committed or contact to assist in keeping all children safe at school bus stops.

Yellow school bus transportation is the safest, most economical and friendly method of transporting Florida’s school children.

Every day Florida parents send almost a million of their children to a local school bus stop… with peace of mind. The school transportation community in Florida has earned the rights of trust because:

According to the last National Safety Council findings, Yellow School buses are:
172 times safer than your family automobile

8 times safer than passenger trains

4 times safer than transit buses

4 times safer than intercity buses

8 times safer than scheduled airlines

The Department of Transportation requires many additional safety features be built into every school bus which are not found on any other public or private vehicle.

Make the Right Choice

School bus drivers are required by law to receive more training than any other driver in the State. A School bus driver receives training in student management and first aid. A school bus driver’s background is checked by the Department of Justice and/or the FBI prior to receiving a license to drive a school bus. School bus stops are strictly regulated by laws. Procedures to load and unload the students are also regulated by laws. School bus drivers are regulated by hundreds of additional laws governing the operation and maintenance of a school bus. School Bus drivers receive so much original and continual training, that a school bus driver can legally drive any bus on the roadways.

Public transit bus drivers are not required by law to undergo a criminal background check before/after driving the bus. Public transit bus drivers are not required to be trained on how to care and handle YOUR child. Imagine placing your young child on a city bus with a bus load of strange adults, in a bus that stops to load and unload everywhere in the city, where your child can get off the bus at any location with any person.

Your Personal Family Car

Statistics show that School Buses are 172 times safer than your family car. Most family car drivers receive Driver’s Education as a teenager or Traffic School due to a citation or other circumstances, other than that, NO formal driving training is required.

It’s the law!

When Red Lights Flash.
Florida’s school transportation system is the 5th largest mass transportation system in the nation. Over 458,000 school buses provide approximately 1.1 million passenger rides each school day. On an annual basis Florida school buses travel over 303 million miles.

The state provides about 53% of the money actually used to transport students which results in school districts funding school bus transportation out of district budgets.

Student enrollment transported on Florida School buses is 42%, the National average is 54%, about 10 billion children and 20 billion boardings and deboardings annually.

Did you realize….? School enrollment in the United States will increase 33 percent between 1990 and 2030. This will add 4 million additional children by 2005 and 15 million by 2030.

The school transportation industry provides over 10 billion students rides annually–this is the largest form of public transportation in the United States.

There are over 400,000 school buses operating each school day in the United States.

School bus drivers log over 4.3 billion miles each school year.

There are over 50 million children in public and private schools–yellow school buses transport half of this number every day.

The Accident and injury rate of yellow school buses in the United States makes the Yellow School Bus the safest ride in America!

Our core mission is to transport our children to and from their centers of learning in a safe, timely, efficient and academically supportive manner. We are the first step in our children’s educational journey.

St Lucie School Transportation ranks 15th in Florida in the number of children transported and 12th in the number of miles run each year. We run the 75th largest fleet in the nation. We serve the district from two terminals, North County Compound (NCC) and South County Compound (SCC). Each terminal has supervisory staff and dispatchers covering each shift and routing personnel to serve parents and students. Names, contact numbers, and e-mail addresses are available in Contact Information.

Buses are routed on a three tiered system, picking up high school, elementary, and middle school students each morning and delivering them in the afternoon thereby increasing efficiency and utilization of equipment and fuel. Approximately 70 of our buses accommodate wheelchairs and use an adult Bus Para-Professional to assist those students in wheelchairs or needing other designated assistance. St. Lucie Public Schools utilize all buses for all children; there are no set special education buses, only conventional buses and lift buses taking our children to and from school.

All buses are equipped with two way radios, and 75% are monitored by on board cameras and satellite tracking devices. Bus routing is accomplished through a computer database with a map based road network designed to optimize bus efficiency. Bus stops are located to be in the safest, most central position for all eligible riders. All stops are located according to state and district guidelines with safety, timeliness and efficiency in mind. Convenience based requests for stop location changes or additions will be taken after Labor Day. Emergency or safety related requests will be processed as quickly as possible to determine if a change is feasible. During the school year most changes can be handled promptly; however during busy times such as the beginning of school, changes may take five days to review as more loads, stops and routes are adjusted at that time. Stops will be considered for relocation based on the needs, safety, and convenience of eligible riders in the vicinity.

Contact Information

Transportation Contact Information
Email main address:
Transportation Main Number (772) 340-7120  
Director of Transportation (772) 785-6602 Don Carter


North County Compound

601 S. 29th St., Ft. Pierce FL 34947

Switchboard (772) 429-6204 Celeste LaFountain
NCC Manager (772) 429-6207 Larry Petruff
NCC and ESE Manager (772) 429-6208 Nicole Havee
Dispatcher (AM) (772) 429-6213 Marilyn Jackson
Dispatcher (PM) (772) 429-6213 Nikki Prince
Routing (ESE/Green Zone) (772) 467-4024 Rita Singleton
Safety Specialist (772) 429-6205 Sara Aquilante
Garage Foreman (772) 429-6213 Greg Simpson


South County Compound

325 Commerce Park Dr., Port St Lucie FL 32986

Switchboard (772) 785-6602 Nicole Malpass
SCC Manager (772) 785-6616 Jimmy Hardison
SCC Manager (772) 340-7137  Alonzo Merricks
SCC and ESE Manager (772) 785-6601 Kathy Nobel
Dispatcher (AM) (772) 785-6615/6618 Diane McLean
Dispatcher (PM) (772) 785-6615/6618 Jimmy Williams
Safety and Training Manager (772) 340-4839 Robert Berk
Routing (Blue Zone/Alternative Ed) (772) 340-7187 Terry Smith
Routing (Red Zone) (772) 340-7188 DarlLeen Savela
Trips & Activities Manager (772) 340-4497 Jujuana Griffin  
Trips & Activities Clerk (772) 340-7186 Amy Israel
Transportation Bookkeeper (772) 340-7127 Liz Adams
GIS/GPS Mapping (772) 340-7184 Phil Vitale
Fleet Manager (772) 340-7129 Mark Cochenour
Parts Manager (772) 340-7136 Robyn Durette
Garage Foreman (772) 340-7135 Richard Woodmansee

Transportation Department

North Transportation Complex
601 S. 29th St.
Fort Pierce, Fl. 34947
Phone: (772) 340-7120
Fax: (772) 468-5122

South Transportation Complex
325 N.W. Commerce Park Dr.
Port St. Lucie, Fl. 34986
Phone: (772) 340-7120
Fax: (772) 785-6624

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According to the last National Safety Council findings, Yellow School buses are:


times safer than your family automobile


times safer than flying


times safer than a passenger train


times safer than transit or intercity buses