Students at Floresta attending the 21st Century afterschool programĀ  were ask “how has our natural world inspired human innovation?” Students worked in groups to come answer the question. A group of students decided to make trying on clothes easier by making a virtual mirror. The person would upload a photo of themselves, then select the…

The Boy Scouts volunteer at C.A.M.

Ms. Jones volunteers at Chester A Moore Elementary as a Boy Scouts leader with the boys in 21st Century. Through activities, Ms. Jones, teaches the young boys about morals and ethics that will help them make good choices throughout their lives. Ms. Jones dedicates once a week to the boys at C.A.M.

The Big Umbrella

Kindergarten through second grade students at Weatherbee Elementary made a beautiful umbrella that was inspired by the book “The Big Umbrella” . Under the umbrella is the students’ representation of a world where everyone lives in harmony.

Students Learning Healthy Eating

Students are learning about healthy eating in the 21st CCLC summer program.