Please enter the name of the District staff requesting your services, otherwise enter "Purchasing"

Please enter the School/Department of the District staff requesting your services, otherwise enter "Purchasing".

Requirements for Vendors providing Goods and/or Services

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  • W-9 -Required
  • Insurance/Hold Harmless Agreement -Required
    Note: The District’s standard insurance requirements must be satisfied before issuance of a purchase order.

Requirements for Vendors providing Services

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Vendor Contact Information

Remit To Address

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Green Procurement

Electronic Purchase Order Process - The School Board of St. Lucie County has implemented an Electronic Purchase Order (E-PO) delivery system to streamline our procurement process and eliminate a paper-driven process. In order to expedite delivery of purchase orders, we ask that you provide our office with a designated email address. The email address you provide should have the capability of being monitored by more than one person within your company. This will ensure that orders received electronically are not delayed. By us sending purchase orders out electronically, we can more effectively control our procurement activities and achieve a significant cost savings over the paper purchase order process. The electronic purchase order process also reduces the purchase order to vendor cycle time from days to hours. We encourage your acceptance of electronic purchase orders. Please provide a designated email address below to participate in the electronic purchase order process. Please Note: Our system can only accommodate one email address.

Ownership Disclosure

If yes, vendor must contact the Purchasing Department before submitting this application.


In accordance with the Conflict of Interest provision, the Vendor certifies the following:

Payment Information

Purchase orders are required for all purchases. No school district employee is authorized to place an order for merchandise or services without a printed purchase order. The School District is not obligated to pay for any goods or services that have not been authorized by a purchase order. The timelines for payment to vendors is governed by the Florida Prompt Payment Act (Sec.218.70.f.s). This provides that payments shall be made within 45 days from delivery of goods and receipt of a proper invoice for non-construction purchases and within 20 days of completion of work and receipt of proper invoice for construction services for ACH payments. VISA payments are paid weekly.  The District pays vendors via ACH (direct deposit) or VISA merchant account, please select your preferred payment method below.


A. Section 448.095, F.S., requires the Contractor to use the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s E-Verify system,, to verify the employment eligibility of all employees hired during the term of this Agreement.B. Subcontractors.

(i) The Contractor shall also require all subcontractors performing work under this Agreement to use the E-Verify system for any employees they may hire during the term of this Agreement.

(ii) Subcontractors shall provide the Contractor with an affidavit stating the subcontractor does not employ, contract with, or subcontract with an unauthorized alien, as defined by Section 448.095, F.S.

(iii) The Contractor shall provide a copy of such affidavit to the School Board upon receipt and shall maintain a copy for the duration of the Agreement.

C. The Contractor must provide evidence of compliance with Section 448.095, F.S., by January 1, 2021. Evidence may consist of, but is not limited to, providing notice of the Contractor’s E-Verify number.

D. Failure to comply with this provision by the Contractor or a subcontractor is a material breach of the Agreement and the School Board shall terminate the Agreement. The Contractor shall be liable for all costs associated with the School Board securing the same services, inclusive, but not limited to, higher costs for the same services and rebidding costs (if necessary). In addition, the Contractor may not be awarded a contract with the School Board for at least one year after the date this Agreement is terminated.