Distance Learning For Families

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Tech Support


St. Lucie Public Schools (SLPS) is Open for Learning and is committed to supporting children and families as we Log On for Distance Learning. The Instructional Continuity Plan (ICP) has resources that will be used for core instruction and links for materials which can be used as supplemental resources to enhance core instruction.

Distance Learning is a new opportunity to learn and grow together but without our traditional classroom walls.  As we navigate our way we must remember to give ourselves grace because together we will support one another in our school community.


Your child (except VPK) is expected to log in to CANVAS daily to complete the required coursework. We understand a family may be sharing a computer or device.  The good news is that Distance Learning comes with flexibility such as the time of day a child completes their assignments.  There are no set hours for a child to complete their work as long as the assignments are completed weekly. Teachers will be monitoring assignments on a weekly basis and communicating with you and your child. Please refer to the Parent Resource Handbook for detailed attendance procedures assignment expectations.


Communication is key and Microsoft Teams will be the communication platform for Teachers and Students.  In addition, Teachers will be setting up specific hours when they will be available during the day to answer questions. Teachers will answer questions from students or parents to ensure proper support.

They also will be available to schedule online meetings for support and phone conferences when necessary.

Directions for Getting Started with Distance Learning

Tips for Success at Home

Home Student Laptop Access

[ Español ]   [ Kreyòl Ayisyen ] – Video

[ Español ]   [ Kreyòl Ayisyen ] – PDF

Laptops distributed for home use have been pre-configured with an account for home use. Below are the credentials to log into the computer.

Username: .\slpsstudent 

Password: Home2020


After logging in at home Click the Wifi Icon in the System Tray (located at the bottom of the screen) and connect to your home network.


Click on the arrow at the bottom of your screen.


Wait until the Content Keeper Mobile client icon  turns Orange.  Then you are connected and can access the internet.


Digital Accessibility tools are helpful technology resources used across platforms to meet the diverse needs of learners.  Read on to find out how students can use these tools to support their online learning and try out the tools in the interactive guides/demos.

Reading: https://aka.ms/InclusiveReadingDemo

Help students read more effectively

In this interactive guide, you’ll see how inclusive classroom tools from Microsoft can help students read more effectively, improve focus, and work independently at their own pace.

Math: https://aka.ms/InclusiveMathDemo

Provide inclusive math tools
In this interactive guide, you’ll see how inclusive math features from Microsoft provide a toolbox of free capabilities to empower students of all abilities and learning styles, improve comprehension of written problems and their solutions, and enable students to work independently at their own pace.

In this interactive guide, you’ll see how to empower students with inclusive tools that help them write more efficiently, edit quickly and accurately, and work independently with confidence.

Communication: https://aka.ms/InclusiveCommunicationDemo

Improve student and parent communication
In this interactive guide, you’ll see how inclusive classroom tools from Microsoft can help you improve communication with students and parents. You’ll see how to present with live captions and subtitles, hold multilingual group conversations, and provide one-on-one translation.

Digital Citizenship

As classrooms rapidly switched from brick and mortar classrooms to online learning environments we must remember to set expectations for our children as they utilize online platforms such as Teams and Canvas.  It is imperative that children begin to understand the digital footprint they are creating and the proper way to communicate & collaborate in online environments.  We would like to share a great site called Common Sense Media that has wonderful resources for Parents to share with their children on digital citizenship and setting up parental controls.

responsible digital 6-12

Access Microsoft Teams and Canvas on your Phone

How to Access the Microsoft Teams App:
How to Access the Canvas App:
Canvas is the learning platform that all students will use for distance learning. Students will be expected to log in daily to access their courses and find their lessons/assignments. Canvas is accessible through your phone, tablet, iPad or laptop computer.

Getting Started with Office 365 & Microsoft Teams

Office 365 dashboard

Office 365 works like you: everywhere. Familiar applications and always-accessible files update in real time to learning curriculum seamless and easy on Android, iOS or Windows devices. Learn how you can prepare to use Office 365 and Teams for Distance Learning.
Getting Started with Office 365 and Teams   [ Español ]   [ Kreyòl Ayisyen ]

Shared Computers

Communication and Microsoft Teams Mobile App

Microsoft Teams supports teacher-to-teacher collaboration as well as class collaboration and communication.

Canvas Learning Management System

Canvas is a Learning Management System or LMS.  It is used by your teachers to provide an organized, collaborative space where students can learn and grow.

How to Access Canvas

Notification Preferences

Submitting Assignments

Working in Canvas from your phone, iPad, or tablet

Downloading the Canvas App

Messaging Your Teacher

Checking Your Grades

Logging into the System

The web address for the Edgenuity student login page is learn.edgenuity.com/student

Here your student will be able to login and access their dashboard and courses.

Use your 10-digit username and 6-digit lunch number for your password.


Logging Into Think Central / iReady

Think Central (Go Math)

  • You must log into Think Central to access the interactive materials controlled in Canvas or to access GoMath assigned lessons.
  • Click the logo to access the site:


iReady (Reading & Math)

  • You must log into iReady to access your student pathway or any teacher assigned lessons in iReady.
  • Click the logo to access the site:


Use the following information to sign on to Think Central and i-Ready
Log in: 56 number@stlucieschools.org
Pwd: lunch number



Digital Readiness Survey

Part of the St. Lucie Public Schools emergency preparedness plan is to provide devices to students that need one during the rare occasions when it is necessary to close schools due to weather or other emergency situations.

Parents: Please click the link below to complete a brief survey about your child’s access to technology in your home.


Parte del plan de preparación para emergencias de las Escuelas Públicas de St. Lucie es proporcionar equipos para los(as) estudiantes que lo necesitan durante las raras ocasiones en que es necesario cerrar las escuelas debido al clima u otras situaciones de emergencia. Haga clic en los enlaces a continuación para completar una breve encuesta sobre el acceso de su hijo(a) a la tecnología en su hogar. Su respuesta apoyará los esfuerzos del Distrito para continuar la instrucción virtual en caso de un cierre prolongado de la escuela.

Encuesta de Acceso Digital

Yon pati nan plan pèparasyon pou ijans nan Lekòl Piblik St. Lucie se pou bay ekipman pou elèv ki nan nesesite pandan okazyon ki ra lè lekòl yo dwe fèmen akòz movè tan oswa lòt sitiyasyon ijans yo. Klike sou lyen ki anba yo pou konplete yon sondaj kout sou aksè pitit ou a nan teknoloji lakay ou. Repons ou ap sipòte efò Distri a pou kontinye ansèyman vityèl nan ka yon fèmti lekòl pwolonje.