Years of Experience (Pending HR approval of experience. See below for more information.)

Do you have an advanced degree in your area of certification?

Experience Credit:
Up to 28 years verified, full-time, accredited, K-12 years of instructional experience shall be recognized for salary credit. To receive experience credit, employees must submit a Verification of Experience Form (PER0007) within 60 working days of employment to be reviewed by the Human Resources Department for salary credit to be awarded for the current school year. Verifications received after this deadline will be applied in the school term following receipt. Experience must be submitted to HR and approved to receive compensation for years of experience.

Advanced Degree Supplements:
F.S. 1012.22 (1)(c)3 For instructional personnel hired on or after July 1, 2011, credit for the advanced degree held must be in the individual's area of certification and paid as a salary supplement.

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