School Participation

Media Services empowers our school district to “share our story” directly with the public by televising classroom lessons, school awards, and special school events.


Upcoming school events may be publicized on our St. Lucie County Education Channel marquee. To submit information for the marquee email a power point slide or word document to Craig Jerome, ITV Manager (

School Report

School Report is a 90 minute weekly television program featuring classroom lessons, student work, school awards, and other school activities.  Episodes appearing on the St. Lucie County Education Channel are also available for immediate viewing on our video on demand page. Classroom teachers may contact us to schedule Media Services staff for recording in their classroom.

School Video Productions

A school may submit a video recording of a school activity to Media Services for airing on School Report. Please send your videotape or DVD to Craig Jerome, ITV Manager at Media Services.


  • Get your principal’s permission to submit a program to the SLC Education Channel
  • Check to make sure children may be photographed (his information can be obtained from a child’s school registration form, if not available use the SLC Education Channel’s Talent Release Form)


  • Use a new (unrecorded) videotape for better picture quality
  • Send us the original videotape from the camera, we will return your tape after editing If you must send a copy, send a DVD Record only in SP (standard play)
  • Turn off the date recording feature
  • Send us a written list of credits and any editing instructions Copyright considerations
  • Do not include copyrighted materials, i.e.: photographs from the internet. Use original student work: their own stories, their drawings, their science experiments, their projects in their own words
  • School musical performances….we will need the title, artist or composer, and recording company for each song included in the performance (we will research the copyright holder to see if our licensing covers presentation on the district television channel and please be aware that school musical performances with copyrighted music will not appear on the district web site)
  • Shooting better video Use a tripod for steady shots
  • Get close-ups so parents can recognize kids Do not place your talent in front of bright lights or windows
  • Get close to someone talking so your camera mike will pick up their voice clearly
  • Have a student introduce your class and their topic Put heads near the top of the screen