Television informs and motivates. Instructional Television can address a student’s learning style, show a step-by-step process, transport a student to a different time or place, animate complex concepts, demonstrate “real life” applications, build background knowledge for reading, or share ideas. Media Services – WLX-TV provides a variety television related services for the district.

The St. Lucie County Education Channel

Media Services – WLX-TV broadcasts programming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on:
Comcast Cablevision Channel 13 (Ft. Pierce)
Comcast Cablevision Channel 19 (Port St. Lucie)
Hometown Cable Channel 19
SLPS Wireless
Channel 36
AT&T U-Verse Channel 99 under St. Lucie County Community Channels

Daytime programming (7am to 5:30pm) is dedicated to the broadcast of instructional television and distance learning programs for students in school and after school. Programs explore subject areas from across the curriculum, organized by subject areas as follows:
Monday – Language Arts
Tuesday – Mathematics
Wednesday – Science
Thursday – Social Studies
Friday – Arts, Careers, & Health

Many instructional programs originate from sites around the world and the resulting electronic field trips provide students with meaningful enrichment. Resource materials for many of our instructional programs are available online from our program providers.

1A bulletin board announces upcoming school and community events utilizing a marquee. Broadcasting is managed by an automated system from Synergy Broadcast. All programs broadcast by Media Services – WLX-TV are cleared for copying by the school media center or classroom teacher. These programs may be retained in a classroom or media center until notice is received from Media Services to erase or destroy them.

SLPS Wireless EBS Channel 37

EBS Channel 37 (in our schools and webcast) carries the Florida Knowledge Network from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and NASA-TV and the Classic Arts Channel evenings and weekends.

The St. Lucie County Education Channel and EBS Channel 37 can be viewed on the internet. Windows Media Player version 9 or higher is required.

Cable in the Classroom
An additional source of commercial-free educational television programming is generated by cable networks such as CNN, Discovery, A&E, and Nickelodeon and is referred to as Cable in the Classroom. This programming is copyright cleared for use in schools. Detailed program descriptions are available in Cable in the Classroom magazine and Cable in the Classroom Online.

Production Facilities

Studio Production

Media Services – WLX-TV accommodates prerecording of television shows in it’s 30′ x 50′ studio. This area includes audience seating for guests who can become part of the production. Shows can be sent out live over a house feed to Comcast channels 13 and 19 and District Wireless channel 36. Production capabilities of the main studio include four studio cameras, graphics, wired and wireless microphone systems, teleprompting, computer to video conversion, and feeds from satellite receivers.

Mobile Production

2Our mobile television production vehicle has the capability of recording in digital video with four cameras. Media Services – WLX-TV regularly records St. Lucie Public School Board Meetings utilizing our mobile vehicle.

Studio B

Instructors may broadcast lessons via television or deliver lessons over the district’s computer network with our distance learning station, Studio B. At this station, an instructor can readily incorporate video recordings, computer programs, or three-dimensional objects into a lesson. Network delivery can include two-way video and audio with participating schools.

Student Interns

Throughout the regular school year serious television production students are selected to work at Media Services – WLX-TV. Interns provide assistance in the studio and with the mobile television production truck.