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[orbit_testimonial_1][orbit_testimonial_1_slide client_name=”Kourtney McDougal” testimonial_text=”My whole family moved to Florida a couple years ago. I’m from Cleveland, Ohio and I wanted to get a job in Florida to be closer to my family. After a phone interview with Dianne Young, the principal at Lakewood Park Elementary, I knew that the school would be a perfect fit for me. I enjoy many activities outdoors so living in Florida with the weather being so nice all of the time is definitely an advantage of living here. I spend a lot of time outside and mostly on the beach on my free time. There is always something to do!” client_headshot_image_attachment_id=”2076″][orbit_testimonial_1_slide client_name=”Lauren Zuzolo” testimonial_text=”I went to Jacksonville University to pursue a degree in Marine Science, and found out that my passion was teaching! I earned my Bachelors in English and my Masters in Elementary Education. I stayed in Florida until 2012 subbing around Duval County, interning in the local public schools, and working at the university. I went back home (Indiana) for about a year and a half and missed Florida so much I wanted to come back. I love florida- I tend to get lonely and homesick- but Mrs. Young and the staff here at Lakewood Park Elementary make me feel at home. ” client_headshot_image_attachment_id=”2076″][orbit_testimonial_1_slide client_name=”Brittany Rampone” testimonial_text=”I grew up in the Ft. Lauderdale area, and slowly moved my way north a little at a time. Although I lived in West Palm Beach, I continued to study at Broward College for my degree in Exceptional Student Education. My student teaching experiences were also in Broward, and although I loved my placements, I didn’t like how busy everything was. There are SO many schools in the county and I, personally felt as a teacher, I would be just another number. I had always heard good things about St. Lucie County and I was very interested in the slower pace, and more family oriented atmosphere I felt when I would visit. After my interview at Dale Cassens, I knew this county was the perfect fit. My husband agreed to move and we haven’t looked back since!” client_headshot_image_attachment_id=”2076″][/orbit_testimonial_1]