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Technology Support Specialist
Julia Hilburn

Instructional Technology Specialist
Sally VanDereedt

In-Service Data Specialist
Laura VanDuzer

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Instructional Technology Notebook

Are you an employee searching for information, tutorials, or user guides on how to use the digital applications provided by St. Lucie Public Schools? Click on the instructional notebook below and sign in using your SLPS credentials to view training materials on Canvas, Teams, Flipgrid, Skyward, and more.

Tech Up Check Up Podcast

Tech Up Check Up Get the down-low on everything tech with Julia Hilburn and Laurie Boyer from St. Lucie Public Schools. The Girl Tech Innov8rs share quick 15-minute instructional technology updates for educators. Listen on your drive home or on your lunch break. Their excitement and energy around technology will have even the least tech-savvy educators wanting to jump in.

Listen wherever you get your podcasts from; Apple, iHeart Radio, Pandora, Amazon, etc.

EdTech Resources

Canvas Learning Management System

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SLPS utilizes Canvas LMS, a modern and innovative learning management system (LMS).

Canvas is the 21st Century LMS. Adaptable. Reliable. Customizable. Easy to use. Mobile. Time-saving. And, perhaps most importantly, it gets used. That’s because it’s designed to get out of your way, to let you do your thing. Every last feature, every last interface is crafted to save you time and effort and to make teaching and learning easier.
One of the key features of Canvas is the integration with Skyward. Meaning all students are loaded and ready to go in your courses. All Canvas assignments will automatically transfer into your Skyward Grade Book.

Employees can log into Canvas using your SLPS credentials. You can also find a shortcut to Canvas in the Office365 waffle.

Training opportunities will be posted in Frontline for teachers, administrators, and district personnel.

If you are a district employee and are having trouble accessing a professional development course in Canvas please contact Julia Hilburn.

If you are a teacher and need assistance with your district-created Canvas courses, Skyward rostering in Canvas, or Curriculum materials in Canvas, please contact Jessica.Gutierrez.

Online Professional Development Course Offerings

The Talent Development Department offers an array of professional development courses for St. Lucie Public Schools non-instructional and instructional staff members via Canvas.
SLPS employees are expected to:

  • complete courses with the highest level of integrity
  • complete each assignment individually by the scheduled due dates
  • collaborate with colleagues within the course and participate in group discussion boards
  • receive full credit on all assignments (if asked to resubmit).
Click Here to View the New Requirements for Reading Endorsements

Starting in the 2020-2021 school year, the following teachers will be required to either hold the Reading Endorsement, Reading K-12 certification or to begin the course requirements to add Reading Endorsement to their certificate.

  • A 3rd Grade teacher that has a student that has been retained in 3rd grade.
  • Any teacher that is listed as the teacher of record for a Tier 3 reading intervention.
  • Any teacher that would like to be considered to teach 3rd grade Summer School

#LITslps - Leaders of Innovative Technology

Are you wishing you were more involved with technology infusion on your campus? Do you have great ideas to integrate technology in your classroom and want to share it with others? If you answered yes, then Leaders of Innovative Technology (#LITslps) is the cohort for you! 
Registration is now open for the 2023-2024 school year.
Please use the button below to sign-up. 

SLPS is proud to offer three technology cohorts made up of teachers to take the lead and grow the implementation of technology in their classrooms and throughout their school sites.

Talent Development is focusing on the technology integration matrix for classroom instruction and technology leadership opportunities. Each cohort will participate in virtual PLC’s, coaching cycles, video-based coaching, Microsoft collaboration and professional development opportunities. In addition, participants will receive support and feedback from district Leaders of Innovative Technology specialists.

Each year you will work towards earning technology certifications along with personal goals for leading technology for instruction across your school site.

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Microsoft Innovator Educator Program

MIEs use Microsoft tools in the classroom and have learned the fundamentals of applying technology in education. This is the first step on an exciting journey of joining a professional network of enthusiastic educators who come together to learn, share, and grow.

  • MIE Experts have adopted 21st century teaching and learning, take risks, and strive to improve their pedagogy to integrate technology tools that improve student outcomes.
  • They model that failure is an opportunity to reflect and learn as well as resiliency.
  • They are seen as a leader in their school and school system and provide coaching/mentoring to other teachers and support their growth.
  • They partner with principals and school leaders in whole school/system transformation.
  • They are comfortable presenting in front of other educators/leaders and sharing their stories of growth and learning.
  • They see the MIE Expert community as a valuable Professional Learning Community that helps them continue to improve their own practice and give back to the teaching profession (MIE Experts get back what they put into the program).

MIE Certified

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MIE Trainers

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MIE Experts

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Microsoft Office 365 Suite

Microsoft Logo

St. Lucie Public School District is a proud user of Microsoft and offer a Work at Home License.

The license to work at home (WAH) is free while employed with Saint Lucie Schools and allows MS office to be downloaded for free on up to 5 personal devices.
Below are the steps:
1) Connect the device you wish to install on to the internet
2) Sign on to your email using your web browser
3) Click on the words “Office 365” in the upper left corner
4) Click on the “Install now” button on the right
5) Follow instructions to complete installation
6) You may run this install on up to 5 personal devices.
Students may also download MS Office for free on their home devices.  Detailed instructions can be found on the Parents and Students page.


The Talent Development department has Swivl Robots available for checkout throughout the school year. Educators can check out a Swivl robot for 2-week time periods via this form. Teachers and administrators can use Swivl to reflect on their classroom practices using video recordings.

Teachers can view their own recordings and get support as needed from colleagues, coaches, or administrators. Real-time support could even be provided using Swivl’s digital coaching technology without interrupting classroom instruction.

If you want to learn more about Swivl and what you can use them for, contact Julia Hilburn for ideas and personalized support in checking one out today!