St. Lucie Public Schools is proud to be a Kids at Hope School District. Our schools are committed to being a place where caring adults have high expectations for students, provide opportunities to succeed, celebrate success, and believe in children.

What is Kids at Hope? It is a commitment to all children, at every age, stage, and grade level. It is a culture where adults believe in children, connect with them, discover their talents, and help students develop dreams and goals for the future. This is what hope is all about!

Kids at Hope is a community-wide movement that includes local government, law enforcement agencies, daycare centers, recreational facilities, and countless other organizations in St. Lucie County. St. Lucie Public Schools proudly partners with the Roundtable of St. Lucie County to provide a strong school-community partnership that keeps Kids at Hope going.

The St. Lucie Public School District implemented a five-year plan for all public schools to become Kids at Hope schools and that goal was achieved in April 2018.

All public schools in St. Lucie County practice the principles and belief systems of Kids at Hope.

Kids at Hope is based on three universal truths:

  • We believe that all children are capable of success, no exceptions.
  • We connect with all children in a meaningful, sustainable way through relationships called Aces.
  • We encourage all children toward course of action needed to experience success at life’s four major destinations: Home & Family, Hobbies & Recreation, Community & Service, Education & Career.

Kids at Hope’s vision is that every child is afforded the belief, guidance and encouragement that creates a sense of hope and optimism, supported by a course of action needed to experience success at life’s four major destinations:

  • Home & Family
  • Education & Career
  • Community & Service
  • Hobbies & Recreation

Kids at Hope inspires, empowers and transforms schools, organizations serving youth and entire communities to create an environment and culture where all children experience success,


  • Every child is at hope, no exceptions
  • Hope depends on every adult’s contribution
  • Respect, support and enhance relationships with all organizations that serve children
  • Demonstrate passion in all that we do
  • Ensure all practices are well researched, evidence based and outcome driven

For more information about Kids at Hope, visit

Roundtable of St. Lucie County, Inc.
546 NW University Blvd., Ste. 204
Port St. Lucie, FL 34986
Phone (772) 871-5880

Watch more Kids at Hope videos at The Power of Hope