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What is a Promise is a Promise?

Teachers are in high demand, and education is one of the most rewarding careers available today! If you are seeking a deep sense of purpose and want to make a difference in the lives of young people, teaching may be the career path for you.

Graduates that never dreamed of teaching may find themselves with majors where jobs are sparse or in a job that they discover they are not suited for. Teachers are needed in every subject area and the most prepared teachers are those who study through a teacher preparation program.

St. Lucie Public Schools recognizes the value that SLPS graduates add when they return to the schools they attend to teach the next generation of students.

We promise to hire declared students upon graduation from college who meet certification eligibility requirements.

Questions? Contact us:

Mollie Dunn

Mollie Dunn

Mollie Dunn
Coordinator of Retention and Recruitment
(772) 429-7511