School Library Media Services

Florida Statue 1006.28 – School library media services; establishment and maintenance.

—Establish and maintain a program of school library media services for all public schools in the district, including school library media centers, or school library media centers open to the public, and, in addition such traveling or circulating libraries as may be needed for the proper operation of the district school system.

Each school district shall provide training to school librarians and media specialists regarding the prohibition against distributing harmful materials to minors under s. 847.012 and applicable case law, and best practices for providing students access to age-appropriate materials and library resources.

Upon written request, a school district shall provide access to any material or book specified in the request that is maintained in a district school system library and is available for review.


Reconsideration Requests

School Library Collections

Our schools utilize an online system called Destiny that stores each school’s library collection.

By selecting the button below, you will be routed to Destiny. Select the particular school you wish to view, then click “Catalog” at the upper left to initiate a search for that library’s collection.

Parent Library Access