About us

It is the mission of the St. Lucie Public Schools’ Curriculum department to provide a thorough system of educational expirience so that each student has the opportunity to reach his/her fullest potential. The district-approved curriculum forms the basis of instruction for all students so that each is sufficiently well educated to contribute to society, be productive in the workforce, and continue their education in pursuit of their career or interests.

Who We Are

We are a devoted team of professionals supporting student achievement by providing quality curriculum resources, assessments, and instructional support for all schools.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing a standards-driven curriculum to develop students who are college and career ready, supporting educators in creating a climate of success for all students, and offering timely service to educators in content and pedagogy.

Components of our thorough system of education include:
  • A positive school climate conducive to learning.
  • High expectations for student learning and achievement consistent with the State of Florida Next Generation Curriculum and Achievement Standards.
  • A district-wide emphasis on the teaching of key skills in literacy, mathematics, science, social studies and health.
  • An evaluation and monitoring system of both students and district programs to enhance student achievement and school district effectiveness.
  • Programs which are based on research, best practice, and objective data.
  • A clearly defined set of educational objectives aligned with World-class Achievement Standards.
  • An organizational structure and financial plan which focuses resources on students and the classroom.
  • A personnel recruitment, evaluation and staff development program designed to ensure that every student has caring, qualified, and effective teachers.
Congratulations to China Enoch at Bayshore Elementary for being selected as the November 2022 SLPS Technology Trendsetter of the Month!
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