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The St. Lucie Public School District would like to thank their volunteers for contributed hours. These individuals motivate students and provide positive role models that enrich student growth. Adult Volunteers

  1. Click on “Click to register to be a volunteer” link at the right.
  2. Click on “Click to view current job openings.”
  3. Click on “Search for posted positions.”
  4. Scroll down and check volunteer box.
  5. Click on apply for selected positions.
  6. New users will need to create a profile.
  7. Follow the steps on the application.
  8. When the application is finished, click “Submit to HR.”

Please note: Once the online application is complete, it can take up to ten days for your information to be verified and for background checks to be completed. Once your application has been reviewed you will receive a notice in your email (if you included it in your application) and the message section of your application.

The volunteer coordinator at each site will assist you in determining the volunteer activity which is best suited to your skills, interests, schedule and needs of the school.

After School Programs

Supervises, under the direction of the teacher, any after-school activities

Arts and Crafts Volunteer

Works with the art or classroom teacher helping students develop creativity and expanding appreciation of art

Business Partner

Provides expertise and resources to enhance the career-based educational perspective by participating in advisory committee functions, opportunities for career related internships, and/or special events and programs which assist student in skill development


Provides additional support and supervision of students while on field trips, sporting events, etc.

Classroom / Office Assistant Volunteer

Works with a particular school department or office staff performing designated departmental tasks such as, maintaining records, keeping inventory, and duplicating materials, cataloging materials or preparing teaching aids data entry.

Clinic Volunteer

Works in the clinic or health room to provide services for those students who are ill or unable to be in class because of health reasons and helping with health screening activities such as visual and hearing screenings. Community Resource Volunteer Provides special demonstrations, tasks or instruction on a variety of topics including careers, hobbies, travel or interests, which enrich student awareness and knowledge.

Exceptional Student  Volunteer

Assists special education teacher in implementing instructional activities for individual or groups of special education pupils

Library/Media Center Volunteer

Works under the supervision of the librarian to assist in operating the school library by shelving, filing, clipping, circulating, and processing books are some of the tasks to be performed


Works with a student or students on and individual or small group basis for approximately one hour per week.  To provide academic reinforcement, assist in goal development, and serve as a role model to students who may have been identified as at-risk

Speakers of Other Languages Volunteer

Assists in establishing effective written and oral communication among limited and non-English speaking students, parents and school personnel

Special Activities Volunteer

Performs occasional but important support as needed for the duration of a particular project by serving on committees, working with parent / teacher groups, assisting with special school activities working in the school store or assisting with school fund-raising projects

Supervision Volunteer

Assists in the cafeteria, as a hall monitor, in the parking lot or on the play- ground to provide additional supervision

Career / Technical Skills Volunteer

Assists individual students in areas of applied technology and career development activities These are only a sample of the areas in our schools where volunteers are needed.  Some additional job areas are:

  • Math Superstars
  • Readers / Listeners
  • Music
  • Band
  • Physical Education
  • Maintenance / Gardening

Volunteer Today!

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