Instructional Materials

In Florida, instructional materials are adopted for specific courses within selected subject areas and grade levels, usually for a period of five years per subject. The Florida Department of Education publishes specifications. These specifications outline the courses and what the standards materials must meet. St. Lucie County Public Schools follows the textbook adoption process from the Florida Department of Education per Florida Statute 1006.34.

Science Instructional Materials Adoption Information

Publisher Information

In accordance with Section 1006.283(2)(b) Florida Statute, “District school board rules must also establish the process by which instructional materials are adopted by the district school board, which must include a process to allow student editions of recommended instructional materials to be accessed and viewed online by the public at least 20 calendar days before the school board hearing and public meeting as specified in this subparagraph. This process must include reasonable safeguards against the unauthorized use, reproduction, and distribution of instructional materials considered for adoption.” Please use the link below to find the SLPS K-12 Science public access options. If any of the links are inaccessible, please contact


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Public Access to Instructional Adoption Materials

At St. Lucie Public Schools we strive:​

  • To provide the highest quality instructional materials to students and teachers to substantively affect student achievement.
  • To provide leadership in identifying and selecting appropriate instructional materials.
  • To acquire, organize, and make available for use the sources of information needed to purchase and maintain the District’s instructional materials.
  • To provide professional development and instruction in the use of electronic components of instructional materials.