Bus Rules for Parents

The safety of our children is the number one priority of the SLPS Transportation Department. Today’s children contend with morning rush hour traffic, few sidewalks, and motorists with their minds elsewhere and their phones in their hands. Parents are the frontline protectors of their children.

  • Parents are encouraged to walk with or transport their children to and from bus stops.
  • Parents must ensure that their children arrive at the bus stop in the morning at least ten minutes prior to pick up time.
  • Parents are responsible for their children’s safety and well-being on the way to and from the bus stops and while at the bus stops.
  • Parents are responsible for the proper conduct of their children on the way and from and while at the bus stops.
  • Parents are responsible for the conduct of their children, along with district personnel while the children are aboard the bus.
  • Parents are expected to cooperate with district personnel regarding the safe and effective transport of their children.
  • Parents are encouraged to contact the school or the transportation department when they observe unsafe conditions.
  • Every child should have a responsible parent or designated adult to supervise bus stop safety.

Reporting Unsafe Bus Behavior

When parents are negligent in this area, the Transportation Department depends on the community and its citizens to report safety concerns such as:

  • Playing or sitting in the street
  • Misbehavior or vandalism
  • Causing neighborhood disturbances
  • New construction beginning in the area of the stop
  • Unsafe drivers in the area of the stop
  • Illicit or illegal activities
  • Unattached adults lingering near the area of the stop
  • Any concern related to the safety of students

Citizens may contact the appropriate law enforcement agency if a crime is being committed or contact busconcerns@stlucieschools.org to assist in keeping all children safe at school bus stops.