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Check out our Student Technology Notebook

This interactive OneNote houses videos, guides, and “how-tos” for the different technology platforms we use in SLPS.

Do you need more help in any of these areas? If so, check out the notebook!

  • Meeting features in Teams
  • Cool designs for PowerPoint
  • Read aloud tools in Word
  • Easy citations for papers
  • Organizing your digital stuff in OneDrive
  • Taking notes digitally with OneNote

School Laptop Setup

To setup a laptop for student use:

Access the Guide

[ Español ] [ Kreyòl Ayisyen ]

Print Guide for Parents/Quarantined Students
– to accompany a provisioned laptop
(please print and provide with laptop)

School Laptop Setup - Employees and Students


Personal Computer Setup

Microsoft’s Student Advantage Program provides free downloads of the full version of Microsoft Office (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Access, etc.) for all St. Lucie County students, in District operated schools, for use on their personal and mobile devices. Download and activation requires a student network username and password which is provided to all actively enrolled students.

Please be aware, this process works best on a computer. iPads, mobile devices, etc. will display differently.

Family in kitchen on the computer
technical help who to call

Getting Started with Office 365

Office 365 dashboard

Office 365 works like you: everywhere. Familiar applications and always-accessible files update in real time to learning curriculum seamless and easy on Android, iOS or Windows devices. Learn how you can prepare to use Office 365 and Teams for Distance Learning.
Getting Started with Office 365 [ Español ] [ Kreyòl Ayisyen ]

Shared Computers

Canvas Learning Management System

Canvas is a Learning Management System or LMS. It is used by your teachers to provide an organized, collaborative space where students can learn and grow.

Once inside of a Course in Canvas, students will have a HELP button for each class that will provide additional support.

How to Access Canvas

Notification Preferences

Submitting Assignments

Messaging Your Teacher

Checking Your Grades

Digital Citizenship

It is imperative to understand the digital footprint we are creating and the proper way to communicate & collaborate in online environments. We would like to share a great site called Common Sense Media that has wonderful resources on digital citizenship and setting up parental controls.

responsible digital 6-12

Parents – Digital Learning Tools

Digital Accessibility tools are helpful technology resources used across platforms to meet the diverse needs of learners. Read on to find out how students can use these tools to support their online learning and try out the tools in the interactive guides/demos.

Reading: https://aka.ms/InclusiveReadingDemo

Help students read more effectively

In this interactive guide, you’ll see how inclusive classroom tools from Microsoft can help students read more effectively, improve focus, and work independently at their own pace.

Math: https://aka.ms/InclusiveMathDemo

Provide inclusive math tools
In this interactive guide, you’ll see how inclusive math features from Microsoft provide a toolbox of free capabilities to empower students of all abilities and learning styles, improve comprehension of written problems and their solutions, and enable students to work independently at their own pace.

In this interactive guide, you’ll see how to empower students with inclusive tools that help them write more efficiently, edit quickly and accurately, and work independently with confidence.

Communication: https://aka.ms/InclusiveCommunicationDemo

Improve student and parent communication
In this interactive guide, you’ll see how inclusive classroom tools from Microsoft can help you improve communication with students and parents. You’ll see how to present with live captions and subtitles, hold multilingual group conversations, and provide one-on-one translation.

Parents – Communication Is Key

Communication is Key

Make sure your email & phone number are up-to-date in Skyward

If you need to make a change to an email address or phone number listed for you in Skyward, contact the school.

Check Canvas frequently with your student

Canvas is where assignments and content will be posted. Check Canvas and Skyward Family often to stay current on grades and assignments.

Email, Phone Call, or Virtual Meeting

If your child is having difficulties, do not hesitate to reach out via email to the teacher. If a virtual call or meeting is needed, the teacher can send you an invite via Teams.

Ask for help

If you or your child is confused on what is required or need additional support, contact the teacher. This journey is new for everyone and questions are welcomed.