Occupational and Physical Therapy provide educational relevant therapeutic intervention to the exceptional student to enhance their functional performance in the school setting.

As members of the Occupational/Physical Therapy Department, our therapists are all licensed to practice in the State of Florida, have graduated from an accredited college program, and successfully passed a National or Florida State Board examination.


  • Stephanie Hardison
    Lead Occupational Therapist
    (772) 429-7539
  • Emily Siangco
    Lead Physical Therapist
    (772) 429-5558

Occupational Therapy

The philosophy of the Occupational Therapy Department is to provide functionally-based interventions to allow a student to adapt to his/her educational environment. The areas emphasized in the Occupational Therapy are:

  • Fine motor skills: handwriting, scissors, coloring, coordination tasks
  • Perceptual sensory/motor skills: copying from the board, reading, visual and auditory discrimination
  • Self care skills: clothing management, cafeteria skills, restroom skills
  • Life skills: money, cooking, leisure and management, prevocational skills

Physical Therapy

An exceptional student who requires a specifically prescribed program directed toward the development, improvement, or restoration of neuromuscular or sensorimotor function, relief of pain or control of postural deviations to attain the exceptional student’s functional performance in an educational setting is eligible to receive physical therapy as defined in Rule 6A-6.03024, FAC. The philosophy of the Physical Therapy Department is to provide functionally-based interventions to maintain a student’s ability to adapt to his/her educational environment by emphasizing:

  • Gross motor/sensory motor skills: sitting and standing balance
  • Ambulation/mobility: walking, using a wheelchair or other device in school setting and community
  • Assistive devices: assess child for equipment such as braces, wheelchair, walkers, specialized seating or positioning in the classroom
  • Strength skills: maintaining posture for learning, transition sit to stand


A teacher may refer a student that has been identified as a student requiring Exceptional Student Education (ESE) for an Occupational Therapy and/or Physical Therapy Evaluation. A meeting should be held to ask for consent from the parent.

A Florida Physicians Prescription is required for Physical Therapy.

A Florida licensed Occupational Therapist (OTR/L) and/or Florida Licensed Physical Therapist (PT) will complete the evaluation and identify areas of strengths and concerns that impact the student’s education. Another meeting should be held to review the results with the parents and Individual Education Plan (IEP) team members. At that time, a recommendation concerning Occupational Therapy and/or Physical Therapy services will be made and if indicated, an IEP will be developed.