Changing Schools

There are several different scenarios for changing schools, and each has a process for that scenario.

If you have any questions, please contact us at (772) 429-3930 or email

  • I have moved to a different school zone

    Check to see if your new address places you in a different zone. If your zone has changed complete an online Universal application for your new zone.
  • I want to change to a specific school in my zone

    If your child is currently enrolled in SLPS but you would like to move them to a different school without losing their current school, complete a waitlist application. Waitlist for zone schools start in October to October of the following year. Parents will need to reapply if the student does not get into the other school before the wait list is purged after the first nine weeks.
  • I just want any other school in my zone

    If you would like to change the school that your child is in, and do not want them to remain in the current school assignment, complete a Universal application online.
  • Out of Zone or Out of County Enrollment (HB 7029)

    SLPS allows a parent from any other school district in the state of Florida, whose child is not subject to a current expulsion or suspension, to enroll and transport his or her child into any PUBLIC school that has not reached capacity.

    Our Schools

  • I want to apply for a Magnet or Attractor Program

    These programs have specific timelines to apply for entrance. Some programs have GPA or course requirements. Dates are posted on the main Student Assignment page.
  • The school my child is currently attending does not offer the next grade level needed

    Upcoming Kindergarteners, rising 6th graders not in a K-8, new incoming 9th graders, complete an application for
  • Returning to a standard school from Virtual or Home Education

    You must notify SLPS Home Education office of your intent to withdraw.  Once you are withdrawn from Home Education, complete an online application.