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Efforts to identify and prevent child abuse and neglect are more successful when community members have a clear understanding of the laws that guide child protection. We are fortunate to have such wonderfully caring educators who are committed to advocating for the victims of child abuse through professional development.

The one-hour Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse course is for teachers in grades 1-12, and this course satisfies the requirement specified in s. 1012.98(12), F.S. FDOE has provided guidance that the Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse course is required once for each teacher. To access the Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse course, please visit

To learn more about child abuse prevention and our policies on child abuse reporting, please click on the links below:

Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse

All employees of St. Lucie Public Schools, by Florida Statute, are considered mandatory reporters of child abuse/neglect. School Board Policy 5.37 reinforces adherence to the Statute. The Department of Children and Families provides the following information relative to mandatory reporters: Although every person has a responsibility to report suspected abuse or neglect, some occupations are specified in Florida law as required to do so. These occupations are considered “professionally mandatory reporters”. A professionally mandatory reporter of child abuse/neglect is required by Florida Statute to provide his or her name to the Abuse Hotline Counselor when reporting. A professionally mandatory reporter’s name is entered into the record of the report, but is held confidential (§ 39.202, F.S. and 415.107, F.S.).


1-800-96-ABUSE (1-800-962-2873)

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