Social Workers

A social worker serves in each school. Referrals are accepted from school personnel, parents and, with parent consent, community agencies. The primary role of the school social worker is to provide the home, school and community connection that is necessary for learning. The role of the social worker includes:

  • Consultation with students, parents, school staff, and other professionals
  • Problem Solving Team participation
  • Child and family advocacy
  • Agency referral and networking
  • Truancy prevention and intervention
  • Family and school liaison
  • Increasing parent participation
  • Completes psyco/social histories and adaptive behavior scales

Meet Our Social Workers

Name Email
Cassandra Adams
Twonnett Brunson
Shemair Dorelus
Fedna Eliassaint
Sam Gabriel
Natalie Holtzman
Taylor Huggins
Diana Ilarraza
Tracy Kroll
Danielle LaFlamme
Chrisan Leslie
Bridget Locke
Nacole McGarry
Jill Miles
Guilene Napoleon-Auguste
Melissa Nazario
Chauntell Rivera
Leslie Soulek
Desiraee Thomas


Stacey Cason
Program Specialist
Student Services Department
St. Lucie Public Schools

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