Psychological Services

A school psychologist has several school assignments within the district. The primary roles of the psychologist are to assist the school in providing appropriate classroom academic and behavioral interventions; participate in the Problem Solving Team process; administer psychoeducational assessments; and provide support services to identified students. Other services provided by the school psychologists are:

  • Intervention design and implementation
  • Consultation with parents, school staff and other professionals
  • Classroom observations
  • Evaluation research and design
  • Instructional and behavioral coaching

School Psychology in St. Lucie County is a dynamic profession! Psychological Services is comprised of nineteen School Psychologists and a Program Specialist for Psychological Services, many of whom are members of our state and national organizations representing the profession ( and Our school psychologists are active in attending and providing professional development opportunities available through these professional associations.

Meet Our School Psychologists

Dr. Michelle Gillard
Coordinator of Mental Health/Psychological and Social Services
Student Services Department
Voice: (772) 429-4559
Fax: (772) 429-5712

Alice LeMond, Ed.S.
Program Specialist for Psychological Services
(772) 429-7523

Name Email
Marijo Alsip
Sharon Becker
Travern Beerom
Miriam Benson
Anetra Bonner
Dr. Deborah Caron
Erika Connelly
Terri Dottin
Laura Duke
Melissa Franco
Danielle Harkness
Catherine Hedtke
Veronica Henriquez
Kristen Jarrell
Maegan Mooney
Robert O’Neill Robert.O’
Isis Orue
Dr. Amanda Rohan
Adrian Solis