Florida Statute 274.05 allows the District have discretion to classify as surplus any of its property, which property is not otherwise lawfully disposed of, that is obsolete or the continued use of which is uneconomical or inefficient, or which serves no useful function.

Once property has been identified as surplus, the Coordinator of Business Services prepares a list of items for the Board to official “dispose” at the next regularly scheduled meeting.  After the Board approval, items are disposed of in any of the following ways:

  • Listed for sale/auction on GovDeals (GovDeals Site)
  • Recycled with approved recycling companies
  • Donated to other St Lucie County agencies, as requested

Assets MAY NOT be given/or donated by individual school sites or departments. All District property must adhere to the State law pertaining to disposal of surplus property.  Parties interested in purchasing surplus property should check the GovDeal site (link provided above).  


The Purchasing Department:

  1. Supports the instructional and educational goals of St. Lucie Public Schools.
  2. Provide Departments and Schools with quality, cost-effective and expedient procurement services that directly or indirectly support SLPS’s core responsibility, the students.
  3. Renders services with courtesy using professional and ethical principles.

The School Board of St. Lucie County, Florida, makes every effort to maintain a good working relationship with all vendors who supply material and services to the school system, and continuously seeks the advice and counsel of vendors concerning improvement of such relationships.