About this Framework

It is a comprehensive tool that includes all aspects of effective teaching – from professional expectations, to the importance of reflection on one’s pedagogy. It also includes planning techniques to meet the intent and rigor of the standards, as well as various instructional strategies that will assist teachers and students in making learning gains.​

  • A targeted focus on standards-based instruction as a priority to student achievement.​
  • A movement from teacher focus to student evidence. ​

Framework for Quality Instruction

Teacher Evaulation Model

“I’ve always started with the research. Translating it into strategies, helping teachers use the strategies, and hearing that they’re getting good results. In this complex endeavor called K–12 schooling, there’s a place for tools and strategies that will positively impact students.” Dr. Robert J. Marzano

Framework for Quality Teaching and Learning


Framework Modules

Talent Development is working on creating a variety of mini-modules in Canvas, focusing on the different domains of our Framework. If you are interested in accessing one of these modules contact: Didi Campbell.

Current Modules:

  • Identifying Critical Content
  • Engagement Strategies and Critical Thinking


Evaluation System Resources


For more detailed information on our district evaluation system please refer to the employee tab on the main district website.


Deliberate Practice


SLPS management system for professional growth, classroom walk-throughs, teacher evaluation and teacher observation.