New Teacher Support Program

We believe all employees in SLPS benefit from a cohesive, sustained, job-embedded system.

Classroom Management

Upon request assigned instructional specialists work individually with teachers in their classrooms to develop strong classroom management strategies to create a classroom management plan for implementation.

General Knowledge Tutoring

Talent Development provides free tutoring to teachers in math, reading and/or essay portions of the GK Test. Multiple sessions throughout the year will be available. There are sessions offered in multiple locations. If you would like additional information on GK Tutoring opportunities contact Jacob Power.

Individual Teacher Support

Individual support includes classroom visits, virtual support using Microsoft Teams, and tiered coaching with your schools assigned instructional specialist. Find the instructional specialist assigned to your school to request individual support.


New teachers will have a mentor from their school assigned to provide support. Mentors training is required to ensure effective mentor/mentee relationships. For more information on the Mentor Training program contact Angelia Thomas.

New Educator Support Team (NEST)

School-based monthly support is provided by each site’s NEST administrator. Topics are determined based on need. For additional information on the NEST program contact Angelia Thomas.

New Teacher Symposium (NTS)

  • 2 full professional learning days prior to the start of the school year to all teachers new to SLPS. (Stipend provided) For additional information please contact Wendy Turner.

New Teacher/Employee Onboarding

A virtual course designed for those newly hired teachers and staff members joining St. Lucie Public schools. Prior to being able to start regular duties, teachers and staff will need to complete the New Employee/Teacher Orientation which will take about 6 1⁄2 hours, including some onsite tasks that will take place with School Administrator(s) or Department Supervisor(s). It is required to complete this course upon the first day at the designated job site. Contact Belinda Benner-Ordoñez for additional information.


Refining and Improving Starting Educators (RISE)

  • SLPS RISE LOGO2 additional full professional learning days for brand new teachers during the school year for essential skills. (Substitute provided) Brand new teachers ONLY. If you would like additional information please contact Belinda Benner-Ordoñez.


Technology support and integration with Canvas, Swivl, TIM Matrix, Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Sway, Accessibility features, etc..
Provided support is unique to the individual and can be offered face-to-face or virtually depending on the level of support and need.

Visit the Innovative Technology page for additional information on technology support and resources. For additional information contact Julia Hilburn or Sally VanDereedt.

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