Supporting student achievement by providing professional development for all teachers and leaders through innovation, experimentation, and collaboration.

SLPS Mission

The mission of the St. Lucie Public Schools is to ensure all students graduate from safe and caring schools, equipped with the knowledge, skills, and desire to succeed.

Talent Development Mission

If we provide quality professional learning for our teachers aligned to the SLPS Framework for Quality Instruction and Florida Standards, then teachers will transfer learning to their classrooms and school site to increase student achievement, as measured by multiple accountability indicators.


All employees in SLPS benefit from a cohesive, sustained, job-embedded system of support to meet the needs of all students.

OTL Now Monthly Newsletter

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OTL Now Monthly Newsletter

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  • professional development opportunities that meet the needs of all learners to increase student achievement.
  • building in capacity in all employees.
  • teachers to deliver high quality lessons to students, resulting in an increase of student achievement.
  • the use of data to drive instruction.
  • the SLPS Framework for Quality Instruction as a tool to support classroom instruction.
  • the coaching cycle to support teacher development.
  • the use of CHAMPS and other classroom management techniques to ensure all students can access learning opportunities.
  • social emotional learning strategies.
  • the effective use of a variety technology tools.


  • growth minded
  • problem solvers/solution focused
  • supportive
  • data driven
  • independent learners
  • strong communicators (written/oral)
  • flexible and can adapt to changes
  • attentive to details
  • open to feedback
  • collaborative
  • reflective

Instructional Technology Notebook

Are you an employee searching for information, tutorials, or user guides on how to use the digital applications provided by St. Lucie Public Schools? Click on the instructional notebook below and sign in using your SLPS credentials to view training materials on Canvas, Teams, Flipgrid, Skyward, and more.
Tech Up Check Up Podcast

Girl Tech Innov8rs
Julia Hilburn and Laurie Boyer

Get the down low on everything tech with Julia Hilburn and Laurie Boyer from St. Lucie Public Schools.

The Girl Tech Innov8rs share quick 15-minute instructional technology updates for educators. Listen on your drive home or on your lunch break. Their excitement can energy around technology will have even the least tech-savvy educators wanting to jump in.

Listen wherever you get your podcasts from; Apple, iHeart Radio, Pandora, Amazon, etc.

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Talent Development is thankful to have a strong community of supporters allowing us to utilize their training facilities and empowering our teachers and students.