Our Mission and Vision: If we provide quality professional learning for our teachers aligned to the SLPS Framework for Quality Instruction and Florida Standards, then teachers will transfer learning to their classrooms and school site to increase student achievement, as measured by multiple accountability indicators.

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We believe all employees in SLPS benefit from a cohesive, sustained, job-embedded system.

The TD team offers comprehensive support, including classroom management, mentorship, general knowledge tutoring, onboarding, and more.

Leadership Development

Programs created to support and prepare teachers with communication skills, interpersonal and conceptual skills, and leadership development.

Framework and Quality Instruction

Framework for Quality Teaching & Learning

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Instructional Technology

Edtech Approved Resources

The Instructional Technology Team is pleased to support teachers and non-instructional staff in integrating technology into their classrooms and throughout the campus.

Professional Learning Catalog

2024-2025 Sessions

Explore the new professional learning catalog for employees of SLPS.

Asynchronous Professional Learning

Opportunities for All

Talent Development provides various self-paced learning options for both instructional and non-instructional positions.

Discover the various learning opportunities available year-round that align perfectly with your needs.

Collaborative Learning & Planning

The CLP Process

A CLP team works collaboratively to enhance student achievement through the various strategies they discover during the CLP process.

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Digitally search for information, tutorials, and user guides related to approved instructional technology platforms.