Game Simulation / Animation / Programming

Game and simulation, animation, and programming deals with recreational activities, such as video games, as well as more serious applications such as flight instruction. This field requires a combination of creative and technical skills for applications such as technical simulation, online education, entertainment, and many evolving related areas. Some of the occupations in this field are multimedia artist, animator, computer programmer and software developer. Game designers develop the concept for a game, including the characters and main idea. Animation artists are in charge of developing how the video game looks through sketches. This could include drawing and creating characters, background scenes or interactive aspects of the game. In this field, computer designing is very important since graphics in video games are expected to be as realistic as possible. Programmers provide the technical aspects of game and simulation development by programming the code that allows the game to be played.

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Potential Industry Certifications / Credentials

  • Information Technology Specialist – Python Programming
  • Information Technology Specialist – Device Configuration and Management
  • Information Technology Specialist – Networking

Areas of Study

  • The Game, Simulation, Animation, and Visual Design program includes a blend of hands-on exercises combined with traditional lecture and discussion. No particular prerequisite technical or artistic skills are needed.
  • Students are encouraged to expand their own creative possibilities in a unique blend of creative and technical work.
  • Class projects bring together technical and communication skills such as game design, software applications, visual art, animation, sound design, and writing.
  • Students learn aspects of video game development including entertainment applications as well as simulators used for a variety of instructional purposes.

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This program supports students' college and career readiness. Students are college and career ready when they have the knowledge, skills, and academic preparation needed to enroll and succeed in college credit-bearing courses within an associate or bachelor degree program without the need for remediation. Students need these same attributes and levels of achievement to enter and succeed in post-secondary workforce education or to enter a career path offering a living wage and future advancement.