International Business

In today’s global economy, the study of cross border transactions of good, services, and resources between two or more nations is increasingly important.   International Business includes the principles and processes of export sales, trade controls, foreign operations and related problems, monetary issues, international business policies, and applications to doing business in other countries and markets.

Program Offered At
Potential Industry Certifications / Credentials

  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business (ESB)
  • Quickbooks Certified User

Areas of Study

  • Includes the study of organizational structures, business management, marketing, entrepreneurship, human relations, cross-cultural communications, leadership, legal agreements, trade relations, banking and finance, and international economics.
  • Topics covered include ethics in the workplace, human resources and generally accepted office procedures.
  • Technology is a cornerstone that reinforces and enhances classroom and laboratory lessons.
  • Finance is a focus of the program and students leave with a strong understanding of many financial concerns and aspects of doing business in an international environment.
  • Project-based activities solidify student understanding and prepares the student for an entry-level job and continuing education in the diverse field of Business.

This program supports students' college and career readiness. Students are college and career ready when they have the knowledge, skills, and academic preparation needed to enroll and succeed in college credit-bearing courses within an associate or bachelor degree program without the need for remediation. Students need these same attributes and levels of achievement to enter and succeed in post-secondary workforce education or to enter a career path offering a living wage and future advancement.